Ontario . . . yours to re-discover and drink wine

I am not sure when it happened – but I know why it happened. Advertisements showcasing some of Ontario’s known and not so well known tourist destinations changed their motto from “Ontario . . . yours to discover” to “Ontario . . . yours to re-discover!” I saw the commercial on television and immediately thought how genius that was. Covid – nasty ass Covid was ruining everyone’s plan to discover far off destinations including mine!

Seeing that any travel involving a passport or 9 pieces of luggage was off the table, I began looking at what was in my own backyard. The travel itch was real, and it needed a scratch.

I called my girlfriends and complained about my nasty rash (travel itch – remember) and they too had the same rash! That was it – I said leave it to me, I will make some plans just block of the weekend after Canada Day.

Now before the hate mail comes pouring in – this was after the first wave; it was mid June and the cases were seemingly dwindling. There was a hope and a thought that we were beating the virus.

I am currently living in London, Ontario and my girlfriends are in Ottawa, Ontario so I started looking for somewhere in the middle – it had to be outdoors, we needed sun, we needed laughter, we needed, fun. Winner! Winner ! Chicken Dinner! Prince Edward County!! Prince Edward County is an island in Lake Ontario where you go to drink wine, they have a thriving local chef scene, you can become one with nature, drink wine, little shops to discover local artists, did I mention drink wine?

Prince Edward County is home to more than 40 wineries, and a growing craft beer & cider scene – and there about a million ways to tour them. All modes of transportation – bicycle, walking, limousine heck there is even a portage tour! The previous year my husband and I did a wine tour in Niagara by bicycle in 40 degree summer heat – there was no way in heck I was going to make that mistake again.

Again with Covid being its nasty self – tours were limited, and distancing from other groups were key to Prince Edward County being able to open to tourists. We booked a half day private tour with PEC Wine Tours – http://www.pecwinetours.com We got to indulge tasting upon tasting at three different wineries in our own private stretch limousine. Our driver was great – but the wineries were amazing!

We visited the following Wineries; Huff Estates, Sugarbush Vineyards, By Chadsey’s Cairns and Redtail Winery. Each had their own charm and some great wines.

Huff Estates – https://huffestates.com/ is your all service winery – Vineyards, Restaurant and Inn. The service was top notch and our sommelier was quick to pour!

Sugarbush Vineyards – is a family owned (Robert & Sally Peck) and operated vineyard and winery and all of their wines are made entirely from its estate-grown grapes – and they have the cutest dogs you will ever meet (also featured on their wine bottles)

By Chadsey’s Cairns – – is first and foremost was the most beautiful wineries we visited – the owners were salt of the earth and the wine was to die for. This winery also had the best Instagram picture worthy op’s! This was our favorite of the 3 – It is also for sale – so all you wine lovers – you need to check this place out.

After a more than sufficient amount of wine to drink, a quick tumble down a steep hill while wearing 4 inch sandals, and a couple cases to bring home – we made our way back to our airbnb and got ready for dinner. And by getting ready – I think maybe we added some more deodorant (hey – it was hot) and enjoyed some Sangria Popsicles (link to recipe here) while we waited for our Uber.

We had a reservation for dinner on the lower back patio at the Drake Devonshire – and let me tell you – dinner was amazing – actually let me tell you two things . . . Yes the food was amazing but when the server warns you that if you sit on the back patio after dark – the black flies may kill you – they are being honest! We enjoyed our dinner by the soothing sound of the water – until at dusk we were rudely snapped back into reality by the constant attacking of these horrible, awful, annoying black flies. Luckily for us – we were able to be moved inside – where more cocktails and wine were had.

The Lakeside Motel was our final destination – Deck Bar, Pool, and Motel all in one – all we kept hearing all day form locals and wine goers were to end our night here – the views are insane, it’s beautiful, the drinks are awesome, the people are even more awesome. We pulled up – and it did not disappoint, it looked beautiful, the view was gorgeous, we could hear the laughter from afar – but unfortunately the drink’s were not a flowin’ – they had a 10pm shut down due to that damn nasty virus Covid and we were walking in at 9:57pm….

An uber that I do not think had 4 wheel on the road at any one given time brought us back home. It was the earliest I think any of us have ever been home since we were 12 but more wine was had, laughter was contagious and drunken tik tok’s that hopefully will never see the light of day were made . . . until next time PEC

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