“Own your morning. Elevate your life”

It has been 11 days – 11 days of waking up at the crack of dawn – actually before the crack of dawn – at 5am. 11 days of trying to maximize my productivity. 11 days of trying to break my addiction to distraction.

My husband is thinking of switching careers, which I am in full support of, but he has some fear of the “what ifs”, so I dragged him to the book store to help find some books to help the psyche. While he perused the business, and self help section – I ran my fingers along a table with some “must read” books – I picked them up, read the back, put them back down – none of them really held my interest. Then there it was – just sitting there – the 5 am club. On the front; Own your morning – elevate your life and on the back it spoke about how this man Robin Sharma introduced this concept over 20 years ago, and it has helped clients maximize their productivity, upgraded their happiness and accomplished epic results. I put it back down – I was here to help the husband. I went over and asked how I could help – he was nose deep in a bunch of books and I don’t even think he heard me.

Ok – fine, fine – I went back over to the book. I read the message from the author. The last sentence has me hooked. “The world needs more heroes and why wait for them – when you have it in you to become one. Starting today”. I quickly added the book to his pile as we made our way to the check out.

I was excited – first off I love books – LOVE books! Fiction, non fiction, biographies, how to, cookbooks.. the list goes on.. basically throw a bunch of words on a piece of paper and hand it to me! The next day, I settled onto my couch, poured myself a glass of wine, and got ready to fully immerse myself into the 5am and prepare myself for the changes to come.

I finished the first couple of chapters – to say I felt inspired and invigorated would be a lie. I hated it. This book was not what I was expecting. This was a story of two people on a journey to the 5am club. What the heck – how did I pass over that in the description on the back – a story?! I wanted the information, I wanted to the secrets of the 5am club, and wanted to know how now. I put the book down, disappointed.

Another couple of days passed – the book was staring at me on my coffee table. Read me. Do it. Give me a chance. Nope. Just wasn’t there yet. My phone rang, and it was the MIL; she asked what I was up to – I gave her a glimpse into what I was feeling. How I was so excited for this book – but felt so let down that it wasn’t the self help book I originally thought it was. She said just try to read it again with an open mind. She said maybe you will finish and maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll find something in one chapter that resonates and that’s all you need… Yes mom….

I told myself – 3 more chapters… That would bring me to 5 chapters in total. The book was $21.00 – so that works out to $5.25 a chapter. That wasn’t too bad – I have spent more on less.

By Chapter 4 I was hooked. I was invested. This IS exactly what I needed. I resonated with the painter and the entrepreneur – I read page after page, writing notes feverishly. I read the entire book – all 311 pages and 17 chapters in 2 days. I do not want to spoil this entire book in one blog – but the 5am club really does provide a formula that you can use to wake up early, be inspired, focus, and rid yourself from distraction.

I will share my journey – not frequently – but enough to let you know how this plays throughout my day to day and work life. Just know “mastery is not a sudden event” it is going to be journey; some days are going to be easier than others. My first 11 days have been a freakin’ roller coaster. Up, down, sideways, a few tears and a heckuva lot of smiles.

I will leave a little tidbit – the 3 step success formula – and we can discuss it a little later …..

Are you a member of the 5am club? Share your thoughts below…

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